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Hi All...

Hello to everyone who visited my sandbox site.

Do not hesitate to walk through and look at the sections. If you wish to register in order to see how the points system works, for example, or decide to leave a message on the forum - click in the main menu: authorization.

Good luck


ExtraPointsVote plugin

( Votes: 544 )

This article was written specially for testing of ExtraPointsVote plugin purposes. After voting registered users can check points assignment result in section:
Points system -> Latest activity.

There are two versions of the plugin: ExtraPointsVote and ExtraPointsVote Pro.

Following table presents versions comparison:

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AUP Content Enhanced plugin

This article was written specially for Enhanced AlphaUserPoints content plugin features demonstration. The plugin supports user's confirmation during points payment process to readmore article.

You must be logged to test the plugin. Don't worry, the cost of the article is 1 point and you will get 20 points after registration as a gift.

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