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ExtraPointsVote plugin

( Votes: 544 )

This article was written specially for testing of ExtraPointsVote plugin purposes. After voting registered users can check points assignment result in section:
Points system -> Latest activity.

There are two versions of the plugin: ExtraPointsVote and ExtraPointsVote Pro.

Following table presents versions comparison:

Functions ExtraPointsVote ExtraPointsVote Pro
1 Assign points to voted user tick tick
2 Ability to grant voting access only to registered users tick tick
3 Ability to use additional voting items in article tick tick
4 Assign points to author of article dependently on user's rate _x tick
5 Ability to restrict the self rating to authors _x tick
6 Ability to Show/Hide slogan
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tick tick

authorization required *   
$9.99 USD

 You can set unlimited quantity of additional voting items in article:

( Votes: 205 )

Simply place in desired space


where # is the sequence number of voting item in the article.


next item is produced by this code: {extravote2}

( Votes: 221 )

You can set the author points assignment in Pro version plugin's Advanced Parameters. Set positive nuber to increase, and - negative number to decrease points on authors account.

( Votes: 177 )


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